Time Out

Today bosses not in so I left earlier to get my nails done. It felt so good to take time out for ME time. And this is it, my new nail art… First time in blue! :)



From the desk to mobile

I bought my iPhone in June this year and since then, I’m getting more and more addicted to this small little machine.

Everything I do now I will try to see if I can do it on iPhone or not. The FB games, the shopping site Reebonz, Groupon and Mydeal, Ikea, every web things that I like I’ll try to look for their apps. I have also sync my work and personal mailboxes on iPhone which is super useful especially for managing my calendar. And finally, I have blog on the go.

I think iPhone really is a GREAT invention. We don’t have to wait till there is a wifi spot or at home or at work where there is Internet connection to connect with the world. Everything is just a tap away. And it is an extremely great way to kill time while you are alone, while waiting for food or in between appointments. Oh and yes, it is a brilliant ‘babysitter’ too. It’ll help me to calm my toddler down every time she throws a tantrum, without fail.

The only not-so-good thing of iPhone, or any of its counterparts, is it makes you anti social. It’s common to see people sitting at a table without talking now as everyone is busy tapping on their phones. Those who do not have one will find it super annoying and feel being left out. It was how I felt before I own an iPhone myself. That’s why I will try my best not to play with it when I’m out with others. Although I must admit, it’s a really challenging task not to have my hands on it! :)

Here’s a great picture… Here’s to Steve!


Moving On…

Finally I have found the time to update this blog.  Life in the past few months was chaotic, but it was also very fruitful.  I changed job, we celebrated Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year with little Leanne for the first time.  Though I must admit that they all had one thing in common, EXHAUSTED.  

She is in a so-called ‘separation anxiety’ stage now, where she’ll glue to me whenever she sees me.  And she’s gained so much weight that I’d have backache after carry her even for a short while.  She is now 11+ month olds but still not walking yet,which is somewhat pressurizing.  My mom said I walked when I was 10-month-old.  Think every baby will grow at their own pace – I just have to wait patiently! 

She likes to play with water, and she loves swimming to bits!  She’d laugh super excitedly whenever we walked towards the pool with her little swim ring in hand.  This is her floating in the pool:

Leanne swims

And yes, she doesn’t have a lot of hair. :)


Nursing Apparels

Jud asked me what have I bought for nursing. I thought I might as well share it here with all who might also be interested :)  Disclaimer: I must say that I did not invest alot on actual nursing tops.  Some of my old V-neck dresses and tops can be treated as nursing wears also because of the front (just pull aside to nurse). 

One of the ‘actual’ nursing apparels that I bought: Gilligan & O’Malley – Full Sling Nursing Tank (I have it in black, white & grey) - they are really wearable, you can wear it under any cardigan or jacket and people can’t tell that it is actually a nursing top! It has a small band of elastic around the whole top even in the back that provides a very good support.

Gilligan & O'Malley - Full Sling Nursing Tank (RM39.90)

And the following sports bra is my FAVOURITE – Gilligan & O’Malley – Nursing Sports Bra.  It has hook back closure and the quality is superb (not too thin)!  It looks like a thin tank when you wear a low cut tops and it is very supportive and comfortable.  So satisfied with it that I just ordered another piece :)   Too bad they don’t have it in black.  I didn’t buy the grey one as it doesn’t match with most of my tops.

Gilligan & O'Malley - Nursing Sports Bra (RM33.90)

Of course, you must buy a few nursing bras and this web shop that I bought all of these from: Fabulous Mom, has a variety of bras, all of which are of good quality (and cheap!).  Another nursing essential that I bought was Sarah Nursing Maternity Sleep Bra.  It is designed for night time comfort and the much required light support.  Just pull aside the cup for convenient night time nursing.  I am definitely going to buy more!

Fabulous Mom - Sarah Nursing Maternity Sleep Bra

Fabulous Mom - Sarah Nursing Maternity Sleep Bra (RM59.80 for pack of 2)

Apart from the essentials, I also bought two nursing tops which are equally comfortable and convenient.  Just pull aside the front layered layer to access the nursing openings.  I have been wearing them most of the weekends!

My Lovely Closet - Transitional Front & Back Gathered Short Sleeves

My Lovely Closet - Transitional Front & Back Gathered Short Sleeves (RM55.90)

My Lovely Closet - Twisted Empire (RM47.90)

My Lovely Closet - Twisted Empire (RM47.90)


Sanbanto Pork Cafe, SS2, PJ

I had my belated birthday dinner with hubby last Saturday at this family owned restaurant opened not long ago.  Background search from various food bloggers: This family have a farm near Mersing where they rear ‘natural pigs’, as the owner calls it. They feed their pigs with proper grains and stuff, let them roam free and do not inject them with hormone growths. Something like that and the result is premium, healthier pork with sweeter meat.

We didn’t intentionally go to this restaurant, it was a pleasant surprise to bump into it when we finished buying baby stuff (again!) at Babyland in SS2.  They sell premium pork in assorted cuts and forms. There are a few tables on the side for a small restaurant business where they serve awesome pork dishes.  We had to wait for a while before getting a seat as it was a Saturday evening.  There was constantly a queue outside of the restaurant while we were having our meals.

I had BBQ ribs and hubby ordered roast pork chops with chips plus a pork belly salad to share.  I must say that the portions were huge!  We couldn’t finish the food as we were both stuffed up till our throat.  The BBQ ribs is a popular item on the menu, the meat was tenderly done with the right balance of fats basted with a sweet and tasty BBQ sauce.  Salad was a star item too – the pork belly were juicy, not overly fried and it’s served with honey mustard dip.  The roast pork chops, however, were not as great.  The meat was over cooked and it was like chewing on some ‘tree branches’, as how we Chinese usually describe it.  Nonetheless, it is indeed a good place to consider for those who feel like ‘porking’ out! :)

Sanbanto Pork Cafe (Non Halal)

SS2/63, Petaling Jaya (same row as KTZ in SS2)
Tel: 7876-1728

1130am – 3pm | 6pm – 10pm | Closed on Mondays


High Heels

I haven’t worn high heels for at least a year.  This morning I felt like wearing one of my favourite pair of black shoes to work and it turned out to be quite a nightmare.  I could hardly walk!  It took me about half a day to get used to the height again and to balance my body so that I didn’t fall.  Goodness…They used to be my best friends!  Previously I hardly considered anything less than 3 inches but they have now become a killer for me.  It can’t be.  I have to train myself to be able to walk gracefully on them again because I really LOVE heels!!


Down with Flu…


Yes so I am down with flu.  Had sore throat since yesterday and the manuka honey didn’t help.  So I resort to my ‘favourite’ Clarinase and only found out that they discontinued with the one I had all this while and replaced with the above.  It is said to be different from the previous one and it is supposed to be better.  I took one this morning and I am STILL having running nose.  *Haaaachew!*


Deprived of Shopping!

Right.  In the past one year or so, I had only shopped no more than 10 times for myself.  10 times!  That could easily be done in ONE month when I worked in MV.  And of this 10 purchases, 50% were online shopping and half of them are nursing essentials. 

I miss strolling in the mall from one shop to another, trying out all sort of shoes and tops and pants and bags and emerging myself in the bling blings.  Nowadays I can hardly shop.  When I was out by myself I could only rush to the shop (baby shops, to be specific) to get what I want and left the mall as soon as possible because the little one is waiting for me (my milk, to be specific) at home.  Let alone bringing her with me.  It can only be done when I am out with hubby.

I remember when I was in the Curve buying the breast pump, she was crying her lungs out in the store and my husband could do nothing about it.  I had to buy the thing as soon as I could and rushed to the nursing room after that and my husband had to collect the receipt and product for me.  Talking about speed!

So online shopping has come to save me.  I just bought two dresses from two different web shops and am keeping my fingers crossed that the quality of products would be as close to the picture as possible.  In other words, all I can do now is to hope that they would look nice on me as much as I had imagined.  I am deprived of shopping!  REAL shopping.


Look At Her!

This is her at 12 weeks :)   Time flies isn’t it?  She gave me her first real smile on a fine morning in the sixth week and it was the prettiest smile I have ever seen hehe.  And her most favourite pass time now is cooing and talking to me after her morning feed (I take it as the most favourite, whether she agrees or not!) – I wish I understand what she says!! :D


Being a mother…

I have always imagined that being a mother must be special, but until I actually became one I hadn’t realized that my expectations were not even 1% of the true picture.  As I was telling D the other day, I feel I will give my all for my baby, and that the love I feel for her is far more intense than the love I have for anyone including my husband.  I find it really unbelievable.

As I write this my little girl is spending the day with her grandparents and all I’m thinking about is wanting the day to end soon so that I can go home to see her.  Although I am tired a lot because of all the night feeds, but it’s all worth it just to wake up and see her bright eyes looking at me.  At the end of each day all I want is still her with me.  Amazing eh?

My life has changed completely because of the little one but I am still grateful for the privilege of being a mother.  I don’t just love being mother, I love being HER mother! :)